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     The Shidiots started in 2008 and recorded our first album, Kissing Hands and Shaking Babies, in the winter of 2009. We were disappointed with how that turned out and decided rather than move on, we would rerecord with five new songs. This release turned out to be much more pleasing to the ears and we moved on with playing more shows and writing more songs.

     The next year we were scheduled to record with a band from out of town. We had a show set up for the weekend, the basement set up to record, and the fridge stocked with beers. The other band decided to bail last minute so we put recording on hold and started writing like crazy. two weeks later we had enough material for a full length and that album was aptly titled Smells Like Shit.

     By this time we had gone through some line up changes. Our drummer moved to bass and we added our recording guy to become our drummer. A local friend was getting in to record as all of this was happening, so we decided to go to him for the next set of songs. We took four songs to his studio and record one of our better releases. It has appeared in multiple places under three different names, Dingleberry Rex, All Coked Up, and Trailer Shit.

     The sounds quality was getting better and better every time so we went back to Anytime Studios again for our next recording which would have been out full length titled Sinkers & Floaters. Once again we learned the power of polishing turds as this was the best we had sounded, to date.

     Later, when the Rackatees (Lawrence, KS) inquired about doing a 7" split we were all in. Once again we went back to Anytime studios (seems to be a theme here) and released our first vinyl pressing.

     After another change at the drummer position, we had one more basement recording that we did on our own. This was a demo to take on tour with us, it was called Demodiam AD, and it never really saw the light of day.

     The next, and our most recent recording, was again done at Anytime and was released in 2016. This would be Black Shirts and Records. All of this to say, we're The Shidiots from Omaha, NE. Nice to meet you.

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